Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Business has now informed me that I'm in the third trimester..... squeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm so excited because we are getting so much closer to meeting this pretty little girl! Hubs and I bought the crib and dresser yesterday (only for it to go on sale today, grrrrr). We got the last one the store had in stock yesterday so we are super ecstatic. The dresser was a huge project to put together but it is beautiful! We are going to assemble the crib today. =) On my to do list this week:
-register for childbirth classes at the hospital on Monday
-schedule a tour of the pediatrician's office
-take (and pass!) the glucose test on Wednesday
-celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and hubs' birthday on Saturday
-order the mattress for the crib
We are so over the moon excited! I can't wait for all of the upcoming fun!

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