Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exciting Milestones!

I know I haven't posted a bump update in like three weeks but things have been super busy with the holidays and preparing for baby! A few really neat things happened recently that I wanted to make sure that I documented... Yesterday the baby was super active. For awhile I was having trouble deciphering gas bubbles with baby movement but yesterday things became pretty clear and I felt her off and on all day. Last night I was laying on my back in bed with my hand on my stomach and she kicked hard! So hard that I could feel her from the outside for the first time! I grabbed hubs' hand and put it on my stomach and she kicked him twice! It was soooo cool. He finally got to feel her moving! Yay for a healthy growing baby! We are over the moon excited about our little girl and we have picked out a name but I am going to hold off on posting it until after our ultrasound on Jan 30. I go back to the doctor on the 9th for my 20 week check up. I can't wait to hear her heartbeat again! We have an at home doppler that a friend let us borrow but I'm too chicken to use it very often. I've used it twice (once at the doctor's office so they could show me what to do, and once at home). It is harder to find the heartbeat with those things and I would freak out if I couldn't find it so I try to refrain from using it! I'll be back with the 19 week update on Saturday but until then here are a few belly pics from weeks 17 and 18! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas friends!

 17 weeks
18 weeks

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