Saturday, December 10, 2011

16 Week Update and Pictures!

 16 Weeks!
Size of Baby: 
She is the size of an avocado! About 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces! 
Face still breaking out some, no stretch marks to report though! 
Not sure how many pounds I'm up, not more than three or four though. I'll find out on Tuesday at my doctor's appt. Maternity clothes are hard to find! I have definitely outgrown most of my regular clothes.
Feeling pretty good... occasional pulls and stretches as our girl grows but nothing that bothers me at all! 
Food is a difficult subject for me... I feel like I should be eating all the time but I'm not really that hungry. I am becoming a very picky eater too... nothing sounds good to me at meal time. Cravings are definitely fruit (oranges and grapefruit) and lately I've been wanting chocolate.  
I love sleep. I'm exhausted all the time! 
Anxious to hear her heartbeat again on Tuesday... A friend gave me an at home doppler to use but I'm too scared to use it on my own. I'm taking it with me on Tuesday and I'm going to ask the Nurse Practitioner to show me how to use it.
Fetal Movement:
Definitely feeling the bubbles and flutters that everyone talks about... it was hard to recognize at first but it's becoming more frequent now so I'm pretty sure it's her! 
What I miss:
Deli meat... I would love a big turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo!!  
Nothing major to report but I've definitely popped and people have been rubbing my belly (no strangers! haha!).
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16 weeks

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