Monday, November 28, 2011

14 Week Update!

Eh, okay. Face breaks out periodically and my skin is still dry and itchy sometimes, not as bad as last week. No stretch marks to report!

Up two pounds according to my scale. Clothes are getting too small... none of my pants will button and a lot of my shirts aren't long enough to cover my unbuttoned pants! Time to invest in maternity clothes. I have one pair of maternity jeans and they are so comfortable! My pants still fit everywhere but the waist and the BeBand's get on my nerves. They feel too constricting... time to shop! =)

Occasionally feel some round ligament pain and some stretching in my uterus. Most of the time I feel fine. The pains aren't bad just growing pains, which I'm happy to have! Nasal issues still continue but it's getting better. Headaches come and go.
I crave fruit (mostly grapefruit, I've eaten like a thousand of them) and Funyuns. Haha. I know that's weird but what can I say, the baby wants what she wants! =)

Sleep has been okay, not great. Way too many weird dreams (which I will definitely have to blog about because I don't want to forget some of the crazy dreams). Sometimes I wake up with a stiff neck or headache and I still get up once or twice a night to pee. Thinking about getting a pregnancy pillow or a body pillow.

Relief and total happiness.... after our last ultrasound and seeing our beautiful baby girl, I feel pretty content. I finally feel like everything is going to be alright. She is healthy and growing and we are now out of the risky first trimester, I feel happy and at peace! I am loving being pregnant. I love my growing belly and I can't stop thinking about her or talking about her. Hubs is probably tired of me talking about pregnancy and baby non-stop! He is excited too though. I went to his basketball game last night (he coaches a high school team) and the first thing he said to his friend when I walked up was, "Look at her belly, she has a baby bump now!" Proud dad! =)

Fetal Movement:
None yet but I am ready! I'm hoping I can feel her within the next two or three weeks or so. =)

We have finally reached the second trimester! Yay! =)

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