Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We need your help!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been crazy! We are now on week 2 of Kindergarten and I love my class! They are so sweet and smart! More on how my transition from 2nd grade to K is going later... the post I really want to write today is about my youngest sister Mary. She and her fiance submitted their story in a dream wedding contest and they are finalists! Mary and Quinton have been engaged for over a year but have had difficulty setting a date and planning the wedding because Quinton is from South Africa and his family still lives there. It is very expensive to fly from South Africa to Virginia (where the wedding will be)... somewhere around $1500 for one person. Anyway... they are really excited to be finalists because if they win the dream wedding will take place on February 14th! Not only is that Valentine's Day but its BOTH of their birthdays!! How crazy is that? If they win it will put my family in a better financial position to help Quinton fund travel expenses for his family. So please please please please please go vote for Mary and Quinton! Click here to visit Hill City Bride's website and vote!! Their video is also on the website... the people in charge of the contest elected to put their video up unedited and I'm glad they did because the bloopers are funny and it gives people a better idea of my sister's personality! =) Thanks in advance for your votes friends! Thursday is the last day to vote and Friday they will announce the winner!!

Team Mary and Quinton!!! =)

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