Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Update

-So I had a dream about  my classroom last night and I woke up a little panicked... I'm teaching Kindergarten next year you guys! I'm a little nervous! I've taught second grade for 2 years now and I requested to move down to K or 1. I was thrilled when I learned that I'd be in K but I'm still nervous. It's a lot like being a new teacher all over again. Thankfully I have a seasoned team to help me out.... We have a team meeting with our principals on Thursday morning. After that I'll probably start visiting my classroom once a week and begin the long process of unpacking. There is a ton of stuff in my new room because the teachers before me retired/moved and left everything! You know how I can't stand clutter. Lots of cleaning and tossing on my agenda before school starts.
-Hubs and I have decided to take a mini vaca in the near future. We just want a nice little weekend away together.... nothing fancy, doesn't have to be beach oriented. In fact we are thinking about going back down to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for a long week. It's such a cute area with tons of stuff to do. Other options include Charleston, SC, Washington D.C., Baltimore, or OBX. Any thoughts? We are wanting to stay on the east coast... driving distance (we live in VA).
-We are going to spend a weekend at the lake before summer is over... most likely in August. I love our yearly camping trip.... fishing/boating at the lake, swimming in the river, hanging by the campfire, riding bikes, and laying in the sun... bliss.
Have a great day friends!

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