Sunday, June 5, 2011


Only one and a half days left with my kids at school! I am so ready for summer break but still have a lot to get done before I can relax by our pool for the next two months.... That leads me to my exciting news: I get to teach Kindergarten next year!! While I have enjoyed teaching second grade, I have been hoping to move down to Kindergarten or 1st grade for awhile. The opportunity finally presented itself and my principals honored my request to move down! So the next four days will be filled with saying goodbye to my almost third graders, packing up my entire classroom, and moving all of my things into my new room to be stored over the summer. I've been praying about this for awhile and God has answered my prayers! I know it will be totally exhausting because I will be going full throttle all day long with a class of 20 five year olds but I am excited (and maybe crazy according to most teachers in 2nd-5th grades!). I promise I'll post more later... and I still need to post before and after kitchen pictures... I'll have more time after Thursday because I'll officially be off for the summer!! =)

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Mandy's Memories said...

Congrats! I love kindergarten, by far, the best ever!