Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dual Survival

Hubs and I love to hike and fish.... We haven't had time to do either lately but I did just purchase these Columbia trail shoes from Gander Mountain. Love!
I cannot wait to try them out! Speaking of hiking and being outdoors, has anyone see the show Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel? So good! Hubs and I are hooked. These two guys are out in some remote location and they use extreme survival skills. It's really educational and they often do things that are unnecessary to educate people. For example, to show the public what to do if you were stranded somewhere with a bleeding wound, one of the guys cut himself with a knife (ew, I know) and then the other poured black powder into the wound and lit it on fire to seal the wound and keep it from bleeding. It was crazy! It's a really cool show that hubs found (believe me, he doesn't usually watch Discovery, he is an ESPN guy all the way). I hope I don't ever have to use the survival techniques that they do but it's still fun to watch!
Happy trails to you!

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