Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sigh of Relief

Life has been crazy busy since we started redoing our kitchen floor! It was tough having our fridge in the living room, and our stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer in the garage! We ate a lot of sandwiches since we couldn't cook, we had lots of late nights and tired mornings at work, but all of hubs' and dad's hard work has paid off!!! The floor looks beautiful... love love love! I'll post before and after pictures in another post.
Life has also been busy at work, only 6 and a half days of school left! I can't wait to be off all summer... we are going to open our pool next week. Until then, my schedule is packed with report cards, end of the year paper work, and packing up my classroom! Hope you all are having weather as warm and beautiful as we are!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

I know it's been a week and a half since my last post, I'm sorry! I've been sooooooooo busy. We have 10 and a half days of school left and then 2 work days and I will be off for the summer, hooray! I've been busy doing a lot of end of the year paper work. Still lots more to do (like pack up my entire classroom) but I'm getting there and I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed yet because I started the paper work early and am taking my time. In other news....

Part of the reason that I haven't posted this week is because we've been planning our kitchen remodel and finally started it! Yay! We picked out the new ceramic tile this week and then my dad and hubs started tearing up the old floor. For those of you that didn't see my previous post on what our floor looked like before they smashed it to smithereens: think stark white tiles and navy blue grout, in other words, UGLY. It showed every paw print, every speck of dirt, fur, dust, etc. It wouldn't matter how many times I mopped, vacuumed, or swept. It was in a constant state of dirtiness. I took a few before pics and plan to take some after pics as well. I'll post them all when the project is finished! The picture above shows what my kitchen floor looks like now! Piper decided she wanted to be included in my blog post today. Hopefully the project doesn't take too many more days because we had to take the washer and dryer out because the tile is being put in the laundry room too. I'll need to do laundry soon! I can't wait to see my pretty new floor! Right now it's just plywood that they are in the process of cleaning so that the cement can be poured on it and then the tiles will be placed on top of that.  Squeeee! I'm so excited!
In other news... I'm trying to find the motivation to use that gym membership that I blogged about three months ago. Hubs is going four or five days a week and you can see a huge difference in him. He is getting very muscular (ah, swoon). Me on the other hand... I lost six pounds in January when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Since then.... I've gained the six back plus five more (ah, cry)!!!! You would think that would be my motivation to get my butt to the gym but it hasn't worked yet. I want to get into an exercise routine, I want to eat better. I want to feel better, but making myself take that first step is hard. Any advice?
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Happy weekend friends!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dual Survival

Hubs and I love to hike and fish.... We haven't had time to do either lately but I did just purchase these Columbia trail shoes from Gander Mountain. Love!
I cannot wait to try them out! Speaking of hiking and being outdoors, has anyone see the show Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel? So good! Hubs and I are hooked. These two guys are out in some remote location and they use extreme survival skills. It's really educational and they often do things that are unnecessary to educate people. For example, to show the public what to do if you were stranded somewhere with a bleeding wound, one of the guys cut himself with a knife (ew, I know) and then the other poured black powder into the wound and lit it on fire to seal the wound and keep it from bleeding. It was crazy! It's a really cool show that hubs found (believe me, he doesn't usually watch Discovery, he is an ESPN guy all the way). I hope I don't ever have to use the survival techniques that they do but it's still fun to watch!
Happy trails to you!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May Madness

May is finally here! It's the last month of school! 21 days left with my kiddos, followed by lots of packing and end of the year paper work for 2 days... then summer break!!! We are starting our summer projects right after school is out.... first on the list: the kitchen floor! When we bought our house, the one thing that made me not want to buy it was the kitchen floor. It is stark white ceramic tile with navy blue grout (yes you read that right, Crazy. We painted almost every room in the house (including the ugly navy blue wall below the chair railing in the kitchen). Hubs and I are heading to Lowes this week to purchase new ceramic tile for the floor. It is a beautiful beige, much more neutral, and we will not be using navy blue grout! We are also thinking about putting in new countertops, so that could be the next project! After all of our kitchen renovations are finished, I want to clean out all of the closets in the house and have a yard sale. We have sooo much stuff that we don't use and could get rid of it. After that I am pretty much finished with home projects and next up on my to do list is to buy a Kindle and read book after book by our pool! =) Hopefully a trip to NYC and the beach will also be squeezed in there somewhere! Happy last month before summer!
What are your summer plans?

P.S. Hubs and I should be finding out about a few exciting things within the next two weeks, I can't share them with you guys just yet, but prayers are needed! Thanks friends!