Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random List Update

- 26 days of school,  2 work days, and I am off for the summer!!! Yay!
- We are redoing our kitchen floor at the beginning of June! Double Yay!
- We've been working outside around the house lately... clearing away brush, mulching the flower bed, rebuilding the side steps on the deck... things are looking beautiful! I'm going to get some hanging baskets for our front porch today!
- I've been finding peace lately through prayer, scripture, and church.....
- We may go hiking tomorrow after church tomorrow (which I'm excited about, I got new hiking shoes!).
- I'm loving the warmer weather but the storms have been crazy. We don't usually see tornadoes because we are surrounded by mountains, but there have been several in and around our town. Praying for those (all over the US) who have lost loved ones and suffered damage from the storms.
- One of my college roommates and her hubby had their beautiful baby boy last night... after nearly 30 hours of labor! Welcome to the world Brenden Patrick!
Happy weekend friends!

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