Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Career

Every now and then when life gets boring or monotonous, I dream up my future career... Don't get me wrong, I love teaching... it's definitely a passion of mine.... but every now and then I dream of a career that's a little less stressful... one that I don't take home with me every night. My newest dream: become a certified Pilates instructor and open Ocean Breeze Pilates... yes that's right... an oceanfront Pilates studio. Ahhhhh.... bliss. Picture yourself listening to the calm ocean waves while you stretch your muscles and tone your core. Follow your morning Pilates session with a hot mug of coffee and a nice long walk on the beach. Coming soon to a beach near you! =)

Any ideas on how to become Pilates certified? What's your latest dream?
Happy (almost) Friday friends!

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