Monday, March 14, 2011

We finally....

....joined a gym!! I have to say... I do love our gym. The owners know everyone by name and that's pretty rare. The trainers are friendly and encouraging... I've taken three classes so far: stretching, yoga, and pilates. I love love love pilates. I mean yes, it's a total ab killer but it's fun and stress relieving. I have attended the past two Saturdays.. I'm hoping they continue to offer it during the summer so that I can go to the Monday morning class too. In the meantime I have a Pilates DVD at home that I can use during the week. I am also planning on trying the TurboKick class, possibly Kickboxing, maybe Cycling, and if I feel really crazy... Body Sculpt. Haha. I haven't decided which classes I want to add to my weekly gym routine. Once I get a feel for the classes I can decide which ones I like and set up a schedule.
In other news:
-I'm definitely looking forward to Friday.. highs in the mid 70's... bring it on.
-57 days of school left! =)
-One of my best friends had her baby this past Saturday! She is soooooo precious.
-I got to love on my new niece this past Sunday... she is so cute with her dark hair and chubby cheeks! Baby fever. Haha!
-I can't wait to watch The Bachelor tonight... I'm pretty sure he is going to pick Emily!
Have a great week everyone!

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Thomasina said...

Pilates is very relaxing. There's something so wonderful about holding a newborn. My niece just had a baby girl two weeks ago, and I just love holding the baby. My son is 4, so he's not so much into being held anymore.