Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gyms, Schools, and Kitchens, Oh my!

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Virginia! The temperature topped out close to 80 degrees! Spring fever? No... summer fever! 53 days of school, 2 work days that follow, and I am off for the summer! Who's counting, right? Yesterday I spent the day in Richmond at hubs' softball tournament and my face got so sunburnt... who remembers to wear sunscreen in March? Apparently not me! Oh well... I needed some sun on my pale dry winter face. =) I tried a Cardio Sculpt class at the gym on Thursday (think boot camp with abs, a barbell with weight on both ends, 2 dumbbells, a platform, and a mat for push-ups). Needless to say I was sore before I even left the class! Sad story! My leg muscles have never hurt so bad.... we did so many squats with that barbell behind our necks, and factor in all the running, jumping, and other cardio exercises that we did in addition to all the curls, squats, push-ups, sit ups, etc... and you have one painful recovery. Seriously... I ran all summer last year... all summer and into the fall, anywhere from 2-3 miles five days a week and my legs never once felt like they do right now. It was killer. Monday is Power Sculpt (which I am assuming is just the exercises with the weights and no cardio) but I don't know if my muscles will be able to handle it. I'm still pretty sore. I missed Pilates on Saturday (not because I was sore, but because I was out of town) and there are several other classes I want to try at the gym this week. I really want to try TurboKick on Friday nights... I hear it's an awesome class. I'm gonna go with hubs to the gym this week and try to establish a routine of my own (outside of the classes).
Speaking of classes.... I'm thinking about taking classes to get my Early Childhood Special Education endorsement. I have gone back and forth with this for over a year now. To teach preschool in Virginia (VPI and Head Start combined in our school district) you are supposed to have your ECSE endorsement. (Note: I'm talking about the preschool that is in a regular elementary school, not private or daycare type preschools.) I am leaning towards doing this because I really want to teach PreK or Kindergarten. I am really interested in working with the younger kids. I would love to be able to watch the kids learn through play and hands-on experience with things. I would love to be their first teacher and help them transition into a school setting. Second grade is fast paced and the focus is moving towards test taking skills (since the Standards of Learning are taken in 3rd grade) and teaching skills like 2 digit subtraction with regrouping isn't as fun to me as teaching letter names and sounds. I don't know. I've been wrestling with these thoughts for awhile now. I just love how much growth is shown in PreK and K, both academically and socially. I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do, I know you are gripping your seats in suspense!
Moving on... hubs and I have decided that our summer project is going to be a kitchen remodel! When we bought our house last year, hubs agreed that eventually we would replace the ugly stark white ceramic tile with something more neutral and less bright. We also hope to replace the countertops... So our summer project is going to involve demolishing one ceramic tile floor and putting in a much more neutral ceramic tile floor. Stark white tile = very visible dog paw prints and any type of fuzz, dirt, dust, dog hair, grass, etc that can be brought in on feet or paws. I can't wait to get started!
Whew. Have a great week!

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