Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Weekend!

This weekend has been great! After work on Friday I got a much needed hair cut. It feels soooo much better. My hair was getting so long! Then hubs and I went to the movies, which we haven't done in forever! We saw Just Go With It. Overall it was a good movie... it held my attention and was pretty funny. On Saturday morning, I got up and attended a Pilates class at a local gym. I loved it! My abs are still feeling the effects this morning! Hubs and I have decided to join this gym.... I'm mostly interested in the classes... I'm planning on going to several this week including, a stretching class and a yoga class, and possibly a Turbo Kick or Kickboxing class. I also plan on attending Pilates every Saturday morning! My posture is terrible and I need all the help I can get strengthening my lower back, abs, and shoulders. We also had our taxes done yesterday and learned that we are getting a refund! So thankful for that blessing! Today we are going to hang out with hubs' family. His Nan is cooking us a birthday dinner... she also made Applebee's Blondie for dessert! Yum. Tomorrow is a teacher work day... so I will spend my evening grading some papers, averaging grades, and posting responses for a book club that I'm doing for recertification points. I am getting more and more anxious for summer break. Hope your weekend was as great as mine! =)
Sidenote: I'm still feeling very unsettled about a lot of things that are going on in life right now (more on that later). Your prayers would be much appreciated!

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