Sunday, January 9, 2011

January So Far

Wow. January is already an insanely busy month! As an elementary school teacher, I am not a huge fan of January. It is very hard to get back into the groove of things at work after having 2 weeks+ off. I also dislike January because it is a month filled with mid-year testing. I hate doing mid-year testing and the kids don't like it either! It also happens right around the time that report cards are due so it's extremely busy and stressful. I am contemplating starting classes this summer for my Library Media Specialist endorsement. This endorsement would allow me to work as a school librarian... What could be better than teaching kids to love reading all day without having to worry about assessing them? Being a classroom teacher is centered around assessments now and it's hard to fit in anything fun. I don't know.... just something I'm thinking about....
Other than the crazy busy work schedule things are going pretty well. Hubs' basketball team has won their last three games. One of the games was won by one point with less than 5 seconds to go... I missed that one, unfortunately... buzzer beater games are intense! I made it to the last game and they won in overtime. It was a very exciting game. I love watching my husband coach. He is so good with his players and so knowledgeable about the game. I am such a proud wife!
At home we still have a guest room filled with Christmas presents that haven't been put in their proper places and there are tons of closets and drawers that need to be organized. I think I need to start my spring cleaning early this year! I am also working on a new blog page that will be added to this blog once it's complete. I can't say much more about it right now but hopefully I can reveal it sooner rather than later! Well I'm off to grade papers and do some laundry. Have a great week everyone!

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