Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

A little look back at 2010...
It started off with a lot of snow. We got 2 feet sometime in January or February.
Snow days are the best! It was a glorious 2 weeks off from work! =)
I flew in an airplane for the first time in my life in June. Yep, it was that teeny, tiny plane behind us!
We drove halfway across the country (from Virginia to Oklahoma) to visit family. Here I am in front of a herd of buffalo in OK.
While we were there we went cat fishing....
...and caught lots of huge fish.
We saw some gorgeous scenery....
... caught a baseball game....
and hung out with some prairie dogs! =)
We went camping at the lake again at the end of the summer....
Part of our little family (missing: Mason, our chocolate lab, and Fitch, our cat).
I began running in June and continued training through September. I ran my first 5K at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach at the end of September. (I'm in the blue, 1379).
Cheesy post race photo. I accomplished my goal of running the whole thing without stopping to walk! Woohoo! =) 
I also hiked Humpback Rocks again with my sister in October.
The leaves were gorgeous!

This is just a small snapshot of what 2010 looked like for me. One major event that occurred that I didn't include in pictures (because for some reason I don't have any!) is the purchase of our first home! We bought our house at the end of May. It was a very busy summer filled with unpacking, painting, settling in, and traveling. The year ended with a little surgery, wisdom teeth removal. Not fun, but I'm surviving... bringing in the new year with swollen cheeks!
Thanks for sticking with me through another year! Happy 2011 everyone! I'll be posting my goals (not resolutions) for 2011 soon!


Altimese Hamlin said...

Hi Christina,
While sitting at work, browsing the internet during some downtime (I know.. I should have been doing something a little more productive LOL) I came accross your blog :). I like it! I think I googled "inspirational blogs" and clicks on a few links and ended up on your page! Anywho, I enjoyed reading your entries and love your open transparency! It's very difficult to find that in people these days. I find myself being transparent by myself LOL! Keep up the great work! Continue to keep God first and follow HIS plan for you life. Things in life will never be perfect (God never promised us a perfect life) but with God's guidance.. everything will be alright! :) Have a great day!

Mandy's Memories said...

Wow! You have been busy