Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear December,

I can't believe you are almost here. You are the only month during the school year that allows me to spend 2 weeks of uninterrupted bliss with my family, friends, and fur babies. You are a busy month.... very busy. You bring me two doctor's appointments, possibly a third if I have to have my wisdom teeth removed right before the new year is set to arrive. You also bring lots of shopping accompanied by many peppermint mochas and good times with family and friends. You bring lots of beautiful, bright lights that make me smile as I sit inside our cozy home staring at my Christmas tree. You bring parades, Christmas carolers, gift exchanges, and lots of delicious food to be eaten with loved ones. Best of all, you come in celebration of the birth of our wonderful Savior, the most amazing and priceless gift. Welcome back December! =)

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