Sunday, October 3, 2010


The weather is absolutely wonderful outside (aside from the cold rain we had this week, although it was much needed). I love the cooler temperatures... it makes me want to drop everything, drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and hike to the top of the mountain! While I am loving the cool weather, hubs and I went to the beach last weekend for my 5K and the weather was hot and fabulous. It was cooler in the morning so the race conditions were perfect. I was a little nervous because I have never done a 5K before but it turned out great! I ran the whole thing without stopping to walk. Hubs was at the finish line taking pictures of me and cheering me on. I couldn't have asked for a better first race! After the race we were able to spend the day with some old friends from college. It was so nice to finally catch up. They are expecting their first child so of course our conversations were much different than they were in college! We were also able to stop by and see other friends in Norfolk on our way home. We drove through the ODU and CNU campuses (our alma maters) before heading home. Both universities are growing and expanding and the new buildings look great. It made us both miss our carefree college days.
On another note, part of the reason that I haven't blogged lately is because I have been insanely busy since school started. I have felt two steps behind every day since mid-August! I hate that feeling.... the feeling of constantly having to catch up on stuff. Between cleaning, cooking, laundry, taking care of two dogs, teaching, grading papers, lesson planning, professional development conferences and faculty meetings, date nights, race training, friend's wedding festivities, and family events So I am still trying to find my balance this year. I have had an extremely productive weekend... I've cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, paid the bills, went to church, and will spend the rest of my day working on report cards and lesson plans. I just have to keep this momentum going during the week. I come home so tired and find myself parked on the couch watching NCIS until I go to bed! Perhaps I need to take some vitamins? Or maybe just need a little motivation? Either way... I'm working on it! Thanks to all of my blog friends for being patient and sticking with me! Have a great week!

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Melissa said...

I feel the same way. I'm on the go and trying to play catch up all the time! Life is very busy!!