Sunday, October 17, 2010

Changing Me

Lately I've been searching... for a new church, for ways to serve others, for Bible studies, for small groups, for answers.... Today I didn't go to church. I was up several times last night with pain in my side (no worries, I think it is a pulled muscle?). I was tired and slept in once I finally found a comfortable position to rest. I got up and made coffee, ate breakfast and settled into the recliner in our office. I always feel guilty when I don't go to church so I thought maybe I should spend some time with God instead. I picked up a book that was laying on our file cabinet.... a book that my dad gave me over the summer to read. He insisted that it was a really good book and that I should give it a chance. It isn't a book I would have picked out at the store. It's called Classic Christianity by Bob George. Now, don't get me wrong... I have all kinds of Christian books... but they are by more contemporary/popular authors... Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer, Charles Swindoll, John Eldredge, etc. The copyright on this book is 1989. I had been putting off reading it because I didn't expect it to be interesting. I.was.wrong. Within the first chapter of this book God opened my eyes.... this quote in particular has embedded itself in my mind: "In fact, it was becoming more and more ludicrous to think about changing anything around me when I couldn't even change me. If I couldn't change me, how could I possibly think I was going to change the world?" (page 24 of Classic Christianity by Bob George). That's exactly how I feel right now. I have been focused on the goal of finding others to change and serve, and finding a church to become involved in, that I have completely neglected my own relationship with God. I have been so focused on this mission and George puts it best, " I was totally committed to God's plan, true; but I had strayed away from the God of the plan." I can't change the world and witness to the world if I don't change and deepen my relationship with the Creator of the world. I have been focused on the wrong things. It amazing how God can speak to us when we are willing to listen. If this post makes absolutely no sense to you, that's okay. I'm still figuring things out myself but I believe that God will reveal Himself to me in time. =) Blessings,


Vivian Williams said...

Christina, I work with the author of Classic Christianity and just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comments about the book. If we can help you in any way, please let us know. You can contact us at .

I would love permission to use a sentence or two of yours on our website...we will of course reference your blog. Please let me know if that's OK.

Thanks again! Vivian Williams

Christina said...

Sure thing! Sorry for the long delay in responding! Feel free to use my blog post. :)