Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teacher Week - Day 3!

Today is day three of Teacher Week (hosted by Babbling Abby, go check out her blog!). The topic for today is creative ideas. I can't take credit for this idea (and if I knew who to give credit to I would!) it is an idea that one of the teachers at my school got from a teacher in another school division. Anyway.... As I said yesterday, I love to foster a love for reading in my classroom so when a co-worker suggested that our grade level do pumpkin projects I quickly jumped on board! The idea behind the project is that the student gets a pumpkin and decorates that pumpkin (with their parents/guardians help) to match a character from their favorite book. They are then supposed to bring their pumpkin to school (along with their book) and share why they chose that book/character. They are soooooo cute and most grades can do this project! Here are a few pictures from my class last year:

Isn't Chicken Little adorable?
These projects were so cute that we put them on the stage in the cafeteria for the whole school to see! Again, I would love to take credit but it wasn't my idea! I will definitely keep doing this project though!
Another cute idea... one of my co-workers (my mentor from last year, all 1st year teachers get a mentor at the school) has what she calls a "role model" each day. The role model gets to wear a hat... she has really neat hats... like cowboy hats, floppy sun hats, and even a sombrero... that person is supposed to be the positive example for the day. Wearing the hat makes the student want to try really hard to be a good role model (especially the kids who sometimes have behavior issues). The kids loved being picked to wear the hat (I think she drew a name every day) and people would often stop and ask them why they were wearing the hat. They loved explaining that they were being a positive role model for other students!
Tomorrow's our elementary school's open house! Wish me luck!=)


Katie Klohn said...

I love the pumpkin idea! At the elementary in my town they always have a character parade and the students get to dress up as their favorite book character and then they travel around the school with their book. I like how the pumpkin project gets the parents a little more involved too though! Thanks for sharing!

Abby said...

I just got REALLY excited about the role model idea!!!! That is so stinkin' creative!!!

And how precious are those pumpkins! You're awesome!

Ginger Snaps said...

I love the chicken pumpkin! Sooo Cute!

*D* said...

such great ideas! i may be using these in my classroom this year! :)