Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer So Far

This summer is flying by and I've been neglecting my blog! My goal is to change my layout sometime before I go back to work. Summer has been... eventful to say the least.
This summer I've.....
1.flown in an airplane. I had never flown before this summer.... and this wasn't your average commercial flight. It was in a glider plane (I think? haha). My older sister had gotten my dad a gift certificate for a 30 minute flight around the area... a joy ride if you will... so one of my younger sisters and I accompanied him on the trip. It was fun. We flew over my house... It's the one with the pool!

2. traveled half way across the country (by car) to visit family in Oklahoma. Our trip included cookouts, cat fishing, a triple A baseball game, a trip into Oklahoma City, and a drive through a wildlife refuge. We were also surprised by hubs' cousin with a three night stay in a nice hotel (a late wedding present). Please see the previous post for more info on this eventful trip. *Those of you that read the previous post, please see the bottom of this post for an update!
3. began training for a 5K and have actually stuck with it. Tonight's run was number 18. I've been running for three and a half weeks now. The 5K is at the beach and I am sooooooooo looking forward to running by the ocean! My home away from home. =)
4. read a few books and plan to read a few more before school starts. Has anyone read Mennonite In A Little Black Dress? Was it any good? That one's on my list....
5. thoroughly enjoyed our pool. I didn't think I would care too much for our pool when we moved in but I've come to love it. It's really relaxing to jump into after a long run. When it gets cold I'll substitute the pool for a soak in our hot tub!
Summer is not over.... I still plan to........
1. go to the beach for a mini vacation with the hubs.
2. go camping at the lake with hubs and my family.
3. go to the drive-in movie theater for a date night.
4. finish decorating and unpacking our house.
5. take a trip back to my alma mater (CNU), visit friends from college, and enjoy a Jetty Punch smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. My mouth waters just thinking about it!
6. set up my classroom and try to prepare for my incoming second graders!

*There was a lot of drama towards the end of our Oklahoma trip and for those of you that made it through the previous post... our cat found his way back home! He showed up on our porch at 10:30 Wednesday night. Almost a week exactly from the time he left. God was definitely the one who brought him back to us... he's an inside cat and had never even been outside at our new house. He got out the back window a week ago and somehow appeared on our front porch Wednesday night. We also received a refund check in the mail that we hadn't cashed until Wednesday for $89 and I took Fitch (the cat) to the vet Thursday and the bill was $90. Totally God. Our prayers were answered and we are happy to have him home and grateful for those that prayed for his safe return!

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Rachel said...

I just finished Mennonite in a Little Black Dress....GREAT book! Very funny, too!