Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Trip to the Midwest... Brace Yourselves

I have been dreading writing this blog. It's a recap of our trip to the midwest. Let me start by saying that before this trip we put two new tires on hubs' car. They were about $85 each. We drove from Virginia, through West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri with no major problems. When we reached Oklahoma, the problems began. There was a huge wooden post laying in the middle of our lane on the interstate and we had no way to get over (tractor trailer in one lane, concrete barrier on the other side), so with little reaction time, we hit it. POW. The car shook like crazy but hubs was able to get us over to the shoulder. We assessed the damage. Popped a hole in our brand new tire. Yuck. We put the spare on and kept going at a much slower pace. We were very blessed that hubs was able to control the car and that no one else was hurt by the incident. Praise God for His protection. After reaching out destination (we were visiting hubs's grandmother's family) we found a place that could order the same tire and thought that everything was fine. The day before we left we found out that the wheel/rim was busted from the post as well so we had to search for a new rim because without it, you can't put on a new tire. We were planning on leaving the next day (which was already a day later than we had planned) and it was getting late in the afternoon. We were starting to panic as we frantically called around trying to find a rim that would work on hubs' car. We finally found one at a junk yard that we could make due with until we got home. So we were off and on our way the next day. Hubs was NOT happy. That car is like his pride and joy and I failed to mention that someone's car door hit his back side door and put a small scratch and dent in it too! On our way home my sister and her husband call to tell us that something was wrong with our AC at our house (they were pet sitting) and that they were going to open all the windows because it was over 100 degrees outside back home and the house was really hot. So hubs and I track down an air condition technician and he comes to the house the next day and fixes it. Since we were still traveling through Arkansas and Tennessee, my dad met the AC man and let our dogs out. Upon doing so he discovered that our indoor house cat had popped the screen out of one of the windows and was gone. I am in tears by this point of the trip so we decided to skip our last scheduled stop in Gatlinburg and just drive the 10-12 hours straight home. We made it home safely, our AC was fixed and working fine, but still no sign of our precious cat Fitch. We have been posting signs and we put an ad in the newspaper. We have also been calling the SPCA several times a day and going over there to look. Needless to say, I need a vacation after that vacation!
It was a rough trip but it was really great to see Nan's family again (we went out there in 06 too). We got to do some fun things while we were there including visiting the largest Bass Pro in the US, driving through the the Wichita Mountains and a wildlife refuge with wild buffalo, longhorns, and prairie dogs. We went to a few cookouts, caught a AAA baseball game (Oklahoma Redhawks), and went catfishing. I also kept up with my running as you know from my previous post. I'm still running 5 days a week. Yippeee for me! =) Here are a few pictures from our trip. You deserve an award if you are still reading this post.

Buffalo at the Wildlife Refuge
I took some of the pictures to show my 2nd graders, they learn about the Plains. =)
Wichita Mountains (small compared to the mountains here in VA)
My catch! Not bad!
Hubs helping our nephew fish.
The end result! There were a few more but we threw them back.
Holy City
Oklahoma Redhawks game
Not a great picture, it was smokin hot in the stadium but I figured I should include at least one pic of me and hubs.

Verse of the week: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

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