Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Future Friday Fun =)

My construction on this blog header is not quite finished. I can't decide if I'm satisfied with it or not.... I figure since many of you probably read my blog through your Google reader you won't mind if I continue to blog amidst the construction. This week hasn't been particularly interesting so far. I'm still training for my 5K at the beach (and many more all around the US). It's going pretty well actually. I've been training for 5 weeks now. That's a record for me. My longest runs are 35-40 minutes. My most enjoyable runs are my 2 mile runs which I can do in about 20 minutes. Not record breaking I know... but it's progress! I think that I am going to start a separate page for my running blogs for two reasons. One... so I can keep track of my progress through this training process, two... so I don't bore you all with a bunch of running stories! Moving on...
I've been working in my classroom and it's coming along. I had to switch rooms this year so my set-up is new and I have more storage which is nice. I'll post pictures after it's completely set up.
We are going camping this weekend... I'm super excited about it. A weekend of swimming in the river, canoeing on the lake, cat fishing, early morning runs around the lake, and lots of fried camping food (fried potatoes, fried spam and tomato sandwiches, fried eggs and bacon, mmmmm grease). We'll throw in some campfire grilled corn on the cob to make it a little healthy! =) We are leaving on Friday but I have an eye doctor appt. and a grade level meeting at school so hubs and I will be a little late getting there!

Come fast Friday!

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