Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Pages

I've added two new pages to my blog. One is about my running journey and the other is a list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days (God willing). Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Future Friday Fun =)

My construction on this blog header is not quite finished. I can't decide if I'm satisfied with it or not.... I figure since many of you probably read my blog through your Google reader you won't mind if I continue to blog amidst the construction. This week hasn't been particularly interesting so far. I'm still training for my 5K at the beach (and many more all around the US). It's going pretty well actually. I've been training for 5 weeks now. That's a record for me. My longest runs are 35-40 minutes. My most enjoyable runs are my 2 mile runs which I can do in about 20 minutes. Not record breaking I know... but it's progress! I think that I am going to start a separate page for my running blogs for two reasons. One... so I can keep track of my progress through this training process, two... so I don't bore you all with a bunch of running stories! Moving on...
I've been working in my classroom and it's coming along. I had to switch rooms this year so my set-up is new and I have more storage which is nice. I'll post pictures after it's completely set up.
We are going camping this weekend... I'm super excited about it. A weekend of swimming in the river, canoeing on the lake, cat fishing, early morning runs around the lake, and lots of fried camping food (fried potatoes, fried spam and tomato sandwiches, fried eggs and bacon, mmmmm grease). We'll throw in some campfire grilled corn on the cob to make it a little healthy! =) We are leaving on Friday but I have an eye doctor appt. and a grade level meeting at school so hubs and I will be a little late getting there!

Come fast Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm working on changing a few things with my background and template. Should have something up and running in a day or two! Thanks for being patient! =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 1 Month!

One month ago today I could barely run two tenths of a mile without stopping to gasp for air. The thought of running turned my stomach. It was the one thing I have never (ever) been able to do. I hated the mile in high school. It was awful. Don't get me wrong, I was athletic... I played volleyball, soccer, and was a cheerleader. I even ran track as a sprinter one year. But running long distances was the worst. I couldn't do it. In fact, I don't know if I've ever run farther than one mile.... Hiked it? Sure. Walked it? Definitely. But run more than a mile without someone forcing me to? Never.... until today that is. Today, after one full month of running 5 days a week, I was able to run two miles PRAISE GOD! With Him all things are possible!
My next goal? Getting to 3.1 miles so that I can run my 5K at the beach!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer So Far

This summer is flying by and I've been neglecting my blog! My goal is to change my layout sometime before I go back to work. Summer has been... eventful to say the least.
This summer I've.....
1.flown in an airplane. I had never flown before this summer.... and this wasn't your average commercial flight. It was in a glider plane (I think? haha). My older sister had gotten my dad a gift certificate for a 30 minute flight around the area... a joy ride if you will... so one of my younger sisters and I accompanied him on the trip. It was fun. We flew over my house... It's the one with the pool!

2. traveled half way across the country (by car) to visit family in Oklahoma. Our trip included cookouts, cat fishing, a triple A baseball game, a trip into Oklahoma City, and a drive through a wildlife refuge. We were also surprised by hubs' cousin with a three night stay in a nice hotel (a late wedding present). Please see the previous post for more info on this eventful trip. *Those of you that read the previous post, please see the bottom of this post for an update!
3. began training for a 5K and have actually stuck with it. Tonight's run was number 18. I've been running for three and a half weeks now. The 5K is at the beach and I am sooooooooo looking forward to running by the ocean! My home away from home. =)
4. read a few books and plan to read a few more before school starts. Has anyone read Mennonite In A Little Black Dress? Was it any good? That one's on my list....
5. thoroughly enjoyed our pool. I didn't think I would care too much for our pool when we moved in but I've come to love it. It's really relaxing to jump into after a long run. When it gets cold I'll substitute the pool for a soak in our hot tub!
Summer is not over.... I still plan to........
1. go to the beach for a mini vacation with the hubs.
2. go camping at the lake with hubs and my family.
3. go to the drive-in movie theater for a date night.
4. finish decorating and unpacking our house.
5. take a trip back to my alma mater (CNU), visit friends from college, and enjoy a Jetty Punch smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. My mouth waters just thinking about it!
6. set up my classroom and try to prepare for my incoming second graders!

*There was a lot of drama towards the end of our Oklahoma trip and for those of you that made it through the previous post... our cat found his way back home! He showed up on our porch at 10:30 Wednesday night. Almost a week exactly from the time he left. God was definitely the one who brought him back to us... he's an inside cat and had never even been outside at our new house. He got out the back window a week ago and somehow appeared on our front porch Wednesday night. We also received a refund check in the mail that we hadn't cashed until Wednesday for $89 and I took Fitch (the cat) to the vet Thursday and the bill was $90. Totally God. Our prayers were answered and we are happy to have him home and grateful for those that prayed for his safe return!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Trip to the Midwest... Brace Yourselves

I have been dreading writing this blog. It's a recap of our trip to the midwest. Let me start by saying that before this trip we put two new tires on hubs' car. They were about $85 each. We drove from Virginia, through West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri with no major problems. When we reached Oklahoma, the problems began. There was a huge wooden post laying in the middle of our lane on the interstate and we had no way to get over (tractor trailer in one lane, concrete barrier on the other side), so with little reaction time, we hit it. POW. The car shook like crazy but hubs was able to get us over to the shoulder. We assessed the damage. Popped a hole in our brand new tire. Yuck. We put the spare on and kept going at a much slower pace. We were very blessed that hubs was able to control the car and that no one else was hurt by the incident. Praise God for His protection. After reaching out destination (we were visiting hubs's grandmother's family) we found a place that could order the same tire and thought that everything was fine. The day before we left we found out that the wheel/rim was busted from the post as well so we had to search for a new rim because without it, you can't put on a new tire. We were planning on leaving the next day (which was already a day later than we had planned) and it was getting late in the afternoon. We were starting to panic as we frantically called around trying to find a rim that would work on hubs' car. We finally found one at a junk yard that we could make due with until we got home. So we were off and on our way the next day. Hubs was NOT happy. That car is like his pride and joy and I failed to mention that someone's car door hit his back side door and put a small scratch and dent in it too! On our way home my sister and her husband call to tell us that something was wrong with our AC at our house (they were pet sitting) and that they were going to open all the windows because it was over 100 degrees outside back home and the house was really hot. So hubs and I track down an air condition technician and he comes to the house the next day and fixes it. Since we were still traveling through Arkansas and Tennessee, my dad met the AC man and let our dogs out. Upon doing so he discovered that our indoor house cat had popped the screen out of one of the windows and was gone. I am in tears by this point of the trip so we decided to skip our last scheduled stop in Gatlinburg and just drive the 10-12 hours straight home. We made it home safely, our AC was fixed and working fine, but still no sign of our precious cat Fitch. We have been posting signs and we put an ad in the newspaper. We have also been calling the SPCA several times a day and going over there to look. Needless to say, I need a vacation after that vacation!
It was a rough trip but it was really great to see Nan's family again (we went out there in 06 too). We got to do some fun things while we were there including visiting the largest Bass Pro in the US, driving through the the Wichita Mountains and a wildlife refuge with wild buffalo, longhorns, and prairie dogs. We went to a few cookouts, caught a AAA baseball game (Oklahoma Redhawks), and went catfishing. I also kept up with my running as you know from my previous post. I'm still running 5 days a week. Yippeee for me! =) Here are a few pictures from our trip. You deserve an award if you are still reading this post.

Buffalo at the Wildlife Refuge
I took some of the pictures to show my 2nd graders, they learn about the Plains. =)
Wichita Mountains (small compared to the mountains here in VA)
My catch! Not bad!
Hubs helping our nephew fish.
The end result! There were a few more but we threw them back.
Holy City
Oklahoma Redhawks game
Not a great picture, it was smokin hot in the stadium but I figured I should include at least one pic of me and hubs.

Verse of the week: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Running Update

As you all know (from a previous post) one of my summer goals was to train to run in a 5K at the beach. I began training on June 21 and I am happy to report I have stuck with it! I run two days, take one day off, run two days, take one day off, etc. Each run is 20 minutes and I run/walk. The first few runs were painful, the 4th run was horrible, but I stuck with it. I have even been running while on vacation/visiting family in the midwest. I ran on hotel treadmills at 5:30 in the morning, my sweet husband even ran through the streets of Missouri with me when our hotel didn't have a fitness room.... and guess what? He got tired and asked to walk before I did!!! He's a PE teacher! =) That was one major victory for me. The second major victory happened today (run #9), I ran the full 20 minutes without stopping to walk! I will be increasing my running time to 25 minutes soon. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!
Hubs even said he wants to buy me some new running shoes... any suggestions? =)