Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not So Patiently Waiting

Every year, several times a year, I get this urge that won't go away. You see, I went to college that was less than an hour away from the beach. A school that had local beaches all around it... Huntington Park Beach, Yorktown Beach, and of course all of the various beaches along the Chesapeake Bay. I loved seeing that beautiful red sky at night, smelling the salty air, hearing the cries of the sea gulls. I enjoyed seeing surf boards and kayaks on top of cars. I gave in to going to restaurant after restaurant that served fresh seafood. I even got used to the traffic and the underwater tunnels. And now about three or four times a year, I begin to feel that urge to go back. That urge to pack up everything I own and move back down to the beach. But because I know that is not realistic, I settle for planning a trip back down to that beautiful ocean front city full of red skies and salty air. Virginia Beach has become a home away from home for me and hubs. A large part of our early relationship took place in the Hampton Roads area... I love to reminisce when we go back down and visit our alma maters (mine CNU, his ODU). Takes me back to the beginning of our relationship and reminds me of all of the new things we experienced together. As you can tell from this post, my craving for Hampton Roads is back with full force.... I can almost taste Plaza and Tropical Smoothie........
Not so patiently waiting to go back,


Kristen @ said...

aww, isn't it so hard to wait? Just know you aren't alone in waiting, although everyones' waiting is different :)

prashant said...

great post.
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