Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello Christina, where have you been?

I'm still blogging! I've just been MIA for the past few weeks because we moved into our new home! Woohoo! It's a long exhausting process but we are all moved in... well everything we own is in our new home... not all unpacked though! We have been painting and moving (and buying) furniture. It's been fun but definitely exhausting for me because it happened right before school ended and I had to move my classroom too! Needless to say, I'm over moving. I'm so happy to be on summer break... two months off! Yes! I have one meeting at the end of this month and one at the end of next month but other than that... I'm a free bird. =) We are going to Oklahoma and to the beach this summer. I need a vacation after all this moving!

Will be posting more blogs soon! Thanks for sticking with me followers! =)


Katie's Journey said...

Yeah for being moved. I am pretty sure that there are still some boxes in my closet that have not been unpacked yet and we moved into our current house over 2 years ago. Even worse was we moved unpacked boxes to this house from our last house. I have a feeling that is a sign that we do not need those things. Hope the decorating and furniture shopping goes wonderfully for you!

prashant said...

Hope the decorating and furniture shopping goes wonderfully
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