Sunday, May 9, 2010

Professional Advice

I've been contemplating joining a professional organization. I am debating on whether or not it would be beneficial. What's your opinion? Do you think that joining a professional organization is a good idea? Or do you think it's a waste of $50 a year? Those of you that are members of professional organizations, do you find it to be helpful? Are you glad you joined? I would love any advice you could offer!


Rachel said...

I'm a member of VEA/NEA and I'm thinking of dropping it. It's a lot of money each moth, and with no pay increase for the 2nd year in a row, I'm thinking of getting rid of it. I have seen no benefits from it in my 3 years of being a member.

Katie's Journey said...

I belong to ATPE (Association of Texas Professional Educators) as a teacher trainee right now but I know that I will be willing to pay the dues when I am a "real" teacher too. The biggest thing is the coverage that it provides us if there was ever a situation when we might need legal counsel. This particular organization also offers us some really great workshops.

Rachel said...

Hey! I saw your comment about your sister possibly coming to ODU.

If she wants to be close to campus and stay in Norfolk, I'd recommend Ghent. That's where we lived for 2.5 years and I loved it. It's really cute, urban, and fun. It's in the city, but I always felt safe living there.

VB has lots of places, but I don't know how far out she'd want to live. Tell her to email if she questions!!

prashant said...

This particular organization also offers us some really great workshops.
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