Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ready for Spring

I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday. This week has been exhausting. Kids are going stir crazy. The weather is getting a little bit warmer and they are itching to go outside. We still have a little snow left on the ground and it's not quite time for spring. We are looking at the 40's and 50's for the next week. Warmer weather! March is the hardest month of the school year for so many reasons. Is it too early to say, bring on April?! =)

In other news, we looked at four houses today. We liked two of them. The one we liked the most is a little higher than our price range so it would involve some negotiations. Say a few prayers! We are going back to look at it again on Sunday and if we still feel the same way about it we are going to put in an offer. I'm tired of this whole process. Everyone thinks it should be fun and exciting to buy a house but it's actually kind of stressful. We'll keep you all updated!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hubs and I both had wonderful birthdays. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


ReJOYce! said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Christina, and to your husband too! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Brittany Ann said...

Praying for your dream house!