Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lots of Updates!

So I'm going to pretend that it hasn't been almost two weeks since I've blogged and just skip right to the updates (in my defense, I have been keeping up with your blogs!). So we have really been looking hard for a house. The tax credit runs out in 30 days. You have to  have a contract on a home by April 30th. I've been slightly stressed. Mostly because I have set my standards WAY too high. We think we may have found "the one" and are going to talk in depth about putting a contract on it. It's a really cute house, big front porch, huge, huge, huge deck with an above ground pool (we weren't really looking for or wanting a pool but hey, it's there and it's got a big beautiful private deck and yard to go with it!). The house is pretty nice inside. It's not huge but it's the perfect size for us. It has everything that was on our list of things to find in a home (for the most part). So I'll keep you posted on that!

In other news, tomorrow is the career fair at our elementary school. It's a fun day with lots of food and visitors. Hubs is on spring break tomorrow and Friday, my break is Friday and Monday. Yay. =) We are going to Richmond on Saturday for a softball tournament.... oh yeah... I should mention that at the last softball tournament two weeks ago, my husband got kneed in the face sliding into second base and we had to sit in the emergency room for 3.5 hours. He had a mild concussion. So I'm hoping and praying for safety this weekend! Other news, hmmm, oh yeah, we got a new bedroom suite and I loooove it but I can't get the wood/factory smell out of it. I've tried Murphy's Oil, any suggestions?

Have a wonderful weekend (I know it's Wednesday but tomorrow is my Friday!).

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A Wedding Story said...

I think you may just have to let the furniture settle and the smell will eventually leave. Bummer though. I use to work in a furniture store and it's definitely a distinct smell!