Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Travel advice needed!! Lots of it please!

This week has been exhausting. It's our first week back after a two week SNOW break. We had our Valentine's Day party today. The kids were wild, which is to be expected. They gave me some very sweet Valentine's though! It was fun but adjusting to being back at work after sleeping in and lounging lazily around the house for two weeks is tough! I'll survive.

I'm getting restless. I need to get away for awhile. I've been worrying about a lot lately and I need something to look forward to. I told hubs I want to plan a weekend trip for our spring break (his spring break is one week, given that they don't take any of those days to make up snow days, mine is 2 days... a Friday and a Monday, first weekend in April). Soooo I am thinking about taking that Thursday off and planning a trip for hubs and I on Thursday-Sunday. Granted, it will have to be a very inexpensive trip. We are still settling our finances from the holiday season... you may recall that we got paid on Dec. 18 and didn't see another cent until Jan 29! A month and a half was a long time to go without a paycheck... So I want to be slightly frugal with this trip. Those of you that live or travel along the East Coast, do you have any ideas for us? We love going to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge but have been there a lot... Maybe Knoxville? NYC? Baltimore? DC? Philly? Where to stay? What to see and do? Where to eat? Help please! =)

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Chrissy said...

It really depends on what you guys are interested in doing... NYC can be both expensive and inexpensive... the sights (and there are a ton!) are all mostly free. It's the food and lodging that you'll pay a ton for! Baltimore has a ton to do too... try googling to see what kind of events are taking place the weekend you are looking at! :)