Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow and HGTV Anyone?

I haven't had to work all week! Between the snow and ice refreeze, our roads haven't been very good. Our county is like 900 and some square miles and if there is ice on any road they have to close the entire county school system. Yesterday we were out due to a few of the back roads on the other side of the county so our principals invited all faculty and staff at our school to meet at Applebee's just to socialize! It was fun. =) That's why I love where I work. Everyone is so friendly and likes to hang out outside of work. My friend Ashley (our school counselor) had never been to downtown Staunton so I gave her a mini tour and hung out with her for the majority of the day. After that I went to hubs' game and his JV boys won their game in double overtime. Woot woot. =) We went out to dinner afterwards to this little pizza place and before we had a chance to go up and pay, one of the sweet, sweet moms of one of the boys on his team, told us that she had already paid for our meal! It was so nice and so unnecessary. What a nice little blessing that was. =)
Today we have been watching it snow. 20-30 inches are expected. We could be snowed in for awhile and I don't look for us to have school for awhile either. Someone said it was calling for more snow Tuesday! Oh well. Can't do anything about that. Instead of complaining, hubs and I have been doing lots around the house, organizing, cleaning, going through our closets and getting clothes ready to take to Good Will. Today we are planning on cleaning behind all of the stuff that gets overlooked and we are hoping to rearrange the master bedroom. I think I'm becoming addicted to HGTV and it's making me want to change everything in the house!
On another note, Brittany is hosting a FABULOUS giveaway! Go over to her blog (Living in the Moment) and check it out. She's been blogging for over a year now and I've been so blessed to be blog friends with her!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Rachel said...

I cannot believe you've been out for a whole week. Lucky you! And that's so fun that your whole staff met for lunch. RES is such a great place :)

Also, the school I wrote about in my post earlier this week was in Rockingham. No worries, I'd never bad mouth RES and Ladd like that! I looooooved both of those schools!!!