Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions and Travel Advice!

Happy New Year to everyone! I had a great time on New Years Eve. Hubs and I went to dinner and then to a friends house. The guys watched football and the girls talked, played Apples to Apples (such a funny game), and ate lots of yummy food. We all watched the ball drop, toasted champagne to the New Year, and then watched Travis Something or Other, jump his car off the ramp over the water. All in all it was a great, laidback New Year's celebration.
As for resolutions, I have some of the typical ones: exercise more, cook more, buy healthier foods, etc. The two resolutions that I hope to really stick with are this: Travel more and find a new church/or find better ways to become more involved in the one that I go to now. I love our pastor at the church we go to now, but there aren't many groups for people our age. It's hard to feel connected. There is no support group. They have tons of Life Groups but they are mostly comprised of people who are a lot older than us. I'd love to find a church that has a women's small group for people my age. So your prayers for me to find this are greatly appreciated!
Traveling more is important to me because I didn't get to do much last year because of grad school and work. Now that hubs and I both have summers off, I hope we can travel a lot more. We are going to NYC during our spring break in April, and we are trying to decide where we want to go this summer. We are thinking about going on a cruise. Thoughts or opinions on cruises? Did you feel claustrophobic in the small rooms? Seasick? Hate it? Love it? Wish you could cruise the world forever? Recommendations? I'd love to know what you thought!


ReJOYce! said...

Hi Christina! Just found your Blog this morning and loved reading it! I'm going to be praying for you about finding a new church. My husband and I have been praying for the same thing and for the exact same reasons you've mentioned, so your prayers for us to find this are also greatly appreciated. Please, feel free to stop by and check out my Blog! Hope you have a Very Blessed Day!

JMay said...

You and I are in the same boat. You want to find a church where you can feel at home & relate to young couples.

Prayers for the two of us to find one!