Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh, Wednesday

Nothing to exciting to report this week. We are still waiting to hear back about making a deal on buying our house! I hope we find out something soon.
I'm completely and totally exhausted. Hubs has been dealing with some issues on his basketball team so we've been staying up late talking all week. I'm talking bed by 9:30 was my normal routine before break and this week it probably hasn't been before 11! Only for you hubs! =) Needless to say I'm guzzling coffee each morning and find myself being a little more irritable this week. Blah.
We (the teachers) are praying that the 60% chance of snow for tomorrow night keeps going up and lands us a snow day Friday. Wishful thinking I'm sure but hey, we can hope! =) We did just get 2+ feet of snow though so many people here do not want anymore! I say bring it on, 6 built in snow days to burn!

Happy (or sleepy?) Wednesday friends!


Katie's Journey said...

We are about to get an Arctic Blast tonight at about 3am and our high is only supposed to be 33. We are in Central Texas mind you. We do not really do cold or snow.

I can relate to your husband. This is my 4th year to coach club volleyball and there always seems to be trouble every year, but mine was always with parents. They thought their kids were the studs and should never come out, but they needed a reality check. Coaching is a hard thing t d and I give kudos to your husband! His team is lucky to have a great role model like him!

Hope you get your snow day that you want... stay warm!

Brittany Ann said...

I'd kill for a snow day, too;)

mart and lu said...

wow i really wish one day i can guzzle coffee. i have never loved it too much! wow 2 feet of snow. thats a lot. i hope you get to enjoy it!