Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Advice Needed Please!

This will probably be a random blog. My thoughts are all over the place. I need a few suggestions from all of you lovely, intelligent bloggers!

Vitamins: Do you take them? Do they help? What kinds?
I don't currently take vitamins but I'm starting to feel like I should because as a teacher I am around germs all day long, I'm on my feet almost all day, and I feel very tired by the time I get home. Do you feel vitamins make a difference?

Books for a Bible Study: Any suggestions on a really good Bible study book? I've heard What Happens When Women Say Yes To God is a good one. A friend and I have decided to meet every Sunday and start our own small group. We both want to be more dedicated to God and hopefully we can hold each other accountable and invite others to join our group! Soooooooo suggestions please!

Joining a Gym: Do it? Don't do it? I'm the type that needs to take the classes. I get bored SO easily on a treadmill and I would never go if running on a boring machine was my only option. Any ideas for adding a gym membership to an already full daily schedule?

Unit plans: All you other teachers out there... Do you keep your unit plans/worksheets/etc in three ring binders? File folders? Right now I have all of mine separated into file folders For example, for Science and Social Studies I have folders for each unit "Magnets, Weather, Communnities/Citizenship, First/Native Americans" etc. Do you think its easier to put it all in three ring binders by subject so its more organized for next year?

Vacations: Favorite summer vacations? I've heard Martha's Vineyard is amazing.... anyone been there?

Just looking for ways to simplify and enrich my life! We have teacher work days tomorrow and Monday. Lots of test scores to be entered, lesson plans to be made, and report cards to get done!

Happy almost Friday everyone!


Katie's Journey said...

Captivating would be a wonderful book to use for a womens bible study. I read it this past summer while at camp and it is so good and I think that all women can really relate to it.

As for unit plans, I do not know. All of the classrooms that I have been in have had all of that sort of thing in file folders. I like the idea of binders though but that might take up a little more space. I think some units that I will use every year for sure like Christmas, Back to School etc. I might keep in binders.

Heather said...

I take a vitamin everyday and I highly recommend it. I take Women's One a Day. Just make sure you take it on a full stomach. I keep a few in a ziplock bag in my lunch box and then at lunch I take one everyday! easy to remember :)

As far as the unit plans go....It really is a personal thing. I love binders so I use binders. Others love folders so they use folders. Both are fine...I think binders are better bc I am less worried about losing papers.

hope that helps!

Brittany Ann said...

I take a multi-vitamin, plus 400 mg of folic acid, plus fish oil. It's good for women, and the folic acid is since we hope to get pregnant, but I've read all women wanting to have children within two years should be taking it. Look for a multivitamin that contains magnesium and iron, plus B-vitamins and Vitamin C....all necessities for women. Hope that helps!

Brittney Galloway said...

Vitamins: My Grandpa is a physician and he has all of us women in the family take a prenatal...even if you aren't trying or anything. He says it is the best all around vitamin for a woman.

Unit Plans: I liked mine in 3 ring binders separated by dividers. It was easier to flip through and see everything without it all spilling everywhere.

Summer Vacation: Hawk's Cay Resort in the FL won't regret it!