Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lots of Updates

So I would love to have a week off. Yes I am well aware that I just had two weeks off in December. I don't care. Between Pals testing, Ganske, math computations and benchmarks, report cards, mid year writing samples, and teaching somwhere in between all of those things, I'm flat out exhausted. I'm sure that string of things meant nothing to many of you but let me tell you, I feel bad for kids today. They are tested.tested.tested. There is not enough time to teach everything the kids are expected to learn. *sigh*. Okay. I'll get off my soap box.
Back to life beyond school (Pause: Has there ever been such a thing for me? undergrad, working in higher ed, going to grad school, teaching elementary school. Nope, life has not existed for me without some kind of educational setting). Anyway....
Soon to be home buyers update: We have been approved for a loan. A mortgage loan. We could own a house within two months (these things take lots of time being processed at the bank). Eeeeeeeekkkk. I'm a little nervous. We might be moving out of our beloved house and into another house. I'm coming to terms with it. Getting slightly excited. We are still seeing about buying this house, we have one back up plan as of now. We will find out possibly tomorrow whether or not we will be staying here or moving out! If we decide to move out, we will be putting a contract on another house within a week I hope! I'll be sure to keep you all updated! =)

On another note, my friends and I are starting a small group/book club. We are meeting on Sunday nights at Starbucks. We decided to read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I've heard great things about it so our discussions should be interesting. Our first meeting is this Sunday! I can't wait! =)

Well that's enough for now! Happy Tuesday friends!


Meg said...

wow so exciting! i hope everything goes well with all your decision making and house hunting :)

Rachel said...

That is GREAT news about the house! Hope it continues going well!

As for school, I so know the feeling. The time between Christmas and spring break is the hardest. It's cold, there's not much daylight, and the kids just seem to jump on every last nerve you have. Hang in there! Those summers off are worthwhile!!!

KJ said...

Just came across your blog- its super sweet! How exciting about the home buying news! And so fun that your girlfriends are starting a small group and meeting at Starbucks 2 of my favorite things! :)