Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Late Monday Moment and other updates

Well I don't have too many updates on our home buying status. We are still working out a lot of details and a lot of our future is greatly dependent on the person who currently owns our house. He is trying to work something out with us, I just hope that he can get the price where we want it. So please be praying for him and us and this whole complicated process. We have a back-up house or two that we are interested in but we love, love, love the house we live in now (we've lived here for 2 and a half years and still love it!) and earlier this week making a deal didn't look promising but got a little good news today from him so keep praying!

I didn't get to post my Monday Moment yesterday so here it is:
I went to watch hubs coach his basketball team (they won! Yay! 7-2 record now) yesterday afternoon. Before I left, Hubs' granddad stopped by to drop off some cake and things that Nan had made for us so we rode to the game together. On our way home I mentioned to hubs that Nan had sent us six or seven slices of cake (I'm not sure what kind it was, Italian or something?). Anyways we got home and I went upstairs and hubs was downstairs with the dogs. Well a few minutes later he yelled up and asked me what was on the plate that was on the counter. I took one look at the plate and panicked. Apparently while hubs was bebopping along to his iPod and writing his practice plans, he didn't hear Mason (see pictures below) jump up on the counter with his front paws and proceed to eat all of the cake and the Saran wrap that was covering it. Yes that's right. He ate several pieces of cake and cellophane. Was I extremely worried? Not exactly. Labs are crazy and have stomaches of steel. He has eaten a screw (yes, we know this because he miraculously passed it), huge chunks of foam from a recliner he decided to demolish in his 3 year long puppy phase, wood (I mean whole sticks, people, that didn't get crushed in his digestive system), brownies (in my defense, that happened when he stayed with my mother-in-law one weekend), an entire chicken thigh (bones and all, not a trace left behind), and numerous other things that are not edible. He is invincible at this stage in his life. Crazy, wild, and loveable! =)

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Meg said...

1) i LOVE your dog :)
2) about running... when i started running in my teen years with my dad, he told me that when you're starting your training, it doesn't matter how slow you have to run, just KEEP running. when i first start training, i'm usually running parts of my course more slowly than i'd be walking them, but i'm still going through the motions of running which is how i build endurance. and as for feeling awful after you run, try staying hydrated throughout the day (something i need to do more of too!) and walking a bit (5 min or so) to cool down after the run instead of just stopping, and then taking lots of time to stretch and let your body re-calibrate. i hope that helps! i'm by no means a professional runner, or a spectacular one, but i definitely love it :)