Saturday, January 23, 2010

In a funk (as weird as that sounds)

I am having a very hard time getting motivated to do anything. Lately it seems that all I do in the afternoons is sit on this computer and look up houses, check email, blogs, facebook, and of course dinner is thrown in there somewhere. I have got to get out of this blah routine asap. Help.
Hubs and I are in a funk. Not really with each other, just with our routines and life in general. It's been awhile since we've had a fun day together. He is extremely busy coaching basketball (tonight they are playing 2 hours away!) and I'm wrapped up in this home buying process and it's making me feel blah. We should be trying new recipes, planning weekends away or date days, joining and going to the gym everyday, walking our pups outside, cleaning and organizing the house, spending more time writing lesson plans and organizing files, spring cleaning, SOMETHING. Anything other than sitting here on this computer! But here I am... blogging away. Sigh. Can you tell I'm in a funk? Suggestions please! Does life ever get stale or complacent for anyone else?

On the upside, I did start a women's Bible study/book club which meets tomorrow at Starbucks! And two of the girls at work meet at 7:20 and walk every morning before school and I plan to join them starting Monday! Hubs and I are also going to look at 3 houses tomorrow and a few lots. It is looking like we are going to be able to build a house and I am so excited about that so pray that it all works out!

Enjoy your weekend! I welcome comments and suggestions on getting motivated and out of a funk! =)


Brittney said...

It's ok to have funk sometimes -- I call it the Blue Funk! It happens a few times a year to me! Remember, it IS January and just a funk month anyway. =)

Katie said...

Aww girl, I'm sorry that you're in a funk. Hopefulyl starting your new Bible Study will help! What are you guys studying??