Monday, January 4, 2010

Houses, Crying, and Monday Moment

Hubs and I are in the process of trying to buy a house. We love the house that we are in and are in the process of working out a deal with the owner, but just to make sure there wasn't something else we wanted, we decided to look at some houses yesterday. We followed the realtor to 4 houses that we liked online. Not one of them lived up to our expectations. So my mood yesterday was blah. I was grouchy because of the upcoming work week and because of the houses so I decided I need to soak in the tub and read my latest book by Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song. Well, I didn't anticipate that I would be bawling like a baby crying for the rest of the night. Seriously. I couldn't stop reading it and I couldn't stop crying. My eyelids may or may not have been swollen this morning. I did admit to my reading group that I cried over a book last night. They were telling me they loved Dr. Seuss and Barbara Parks (author of Junie B.Jones series) so I admitted my love for Nicholas Sparks even though I am a blubbering mess at the end of his books. Second graders cannot relate. I need a book club! =)
On a new note, allow me to introduce my new Monday Moment tidbit. Instead of an entire Not Me Monday segment, that many of you do, which I totally love by the way. Hilarious! I thought I would start out with a Monday Moment. We've all had them.
Monday Moment: Our school district was an hour late this morning but I wanted to go in on time to get a few things ready and to ease myself into the day. Well I live about 20-25 minutes from my school. When I arrived at school I realized I left my lunch in the fridge at home. Well I decided that it would be a good idea to go all the way home and get it and drive back. Stupid. What sandwich and chips was worth wasting 45 minutes first thing in the morning? Instead of buying lunch at school, or stopping at Subway, I decided to drive home for that stupid sandwich! It took me over an hour to get to work this morning. I totally wasted my hour delay. I knew I should have listened to hubs and slept in!

Happy (or unhappy?)  Monday friends!


Brittany Ann said...

Monday Moment! I love it!

Megara said...

oh dear that sounds exactly like something i would do on a monday... just chalk it up to "you're still not thinking clearly" after the weekend... it takes until at least tuesday to make rational decisions after a weekend of relaxing!
xo meg

Katie said...

haha...I HATE when I forget my lunch! Most the time I have ZERO cash to buy lunch. So, I'll run to a little gas station and purchase something completely unhealthy. ha.

Katie's Journey said...

have you checked out the bloom book club? i am doing it for the first time and am super excited about it!