Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frowns to Favorites

I am still in a funk. This buying a house situation has been stressful and it's barely begun! I need to pray that God changes my attitude. I've been so moody, tired, and annoyed lately that even I'm getting sick of me! I hope that things turn around this week. I've been in a bad mood since the end of Christmas break. I guess I wasn't ready to go back and as soon as we returned we had so much to get through before the kids take another benchmark test that I've felt rushed. We have two teacher work days coming up, one on Friday (if there aren't any more snow days between now and then (light snow is in the forecast for tomorrow night) and one on Monday. I am looking forward to those days. I can take my time, get my report cards done, clean my classroom, and plan for the upcoming six weeks. We are approaching the end of the 3rd six weeks, which means we are half way through the school year! =) Anyways, hopefully my mood picks up this week... In an effort to post something positive, here is a list of my current loves!

5 Favorites:
Snack: Yogurt covered pretzels (so yum. Try them! They come in 100 calorie packs!)
Music: Rosie Thomas (so mellow)
TV Show: The Bachelor =)
Football team: Baltimore Ravens (I haven't been following all season but I watched some of the game today and enjoyed it. Figures I don't get interested till the playoffs.)
Form of relaxation: Hot bubble bath and a good book

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


ReJOYce! said...

Hi Christina, Good Morning! Just stopped by to say that I've been praying for you! Hope you have a Blessed Day!

Rachel said...

I love Rosie Thomas! Her music is so calming :)