Monday, December 14, 2009

Not 2, But 3 Years

As I started writing this post I started to say 2 years ago on December 16, 2006.... Wait. 2006? THREE YEARS AGO? Yes, it's been 3 years since I graduated from my undergraduate program. 3 years. I'm old. I miss college. I miss being 40 minutes from the beach. I miss not having any responsibilities other than going to class and getting good grades. I miss hanging out with college roomies. I miss caring about my body and working out (sad that I don't do much working out now, but hey who has the time and energy?). I miss my sorority sisters. I miss lots of things. But I digress, three years ago I left Christopher Newport University and what have I been up to since then? Well, here's a look at my life since graduation.....
  • Landed a job working in higher ed at the University of Virginia.
  • Worked there for two years, met some incredible people, discovered what I truly wanted to do in life.
  • Moved into a beautiful house that we are now hoping to buy within the next two months.
  • Married the love of my life.
  • Started and finished my Master's degree.
  • Landed my dream job teaching 2nd grade.
It's been a whirlwind that's for sure. I finally feel satisfied as far as educational and career goals are concerned. There are other things that I am still not completely satisfied with but I'm working on those things. With all the stress that going to grad school full time (while working full time) brought with it, I'm glad that I did it. It made me a stronger more focused person. It made me learn time management. It made me appreciate the time I spend with my husband. It has all paid off. I don't feel like a lost college student searching for a purpose. I am working in a field that is fulfilling (and challenging). I'm a grown up. Bittersweet isn't it? So as I enter into the New Year (I know it's still a few weeks away), I will be thinking about all of the places that I've been but I'll also be looking forward to the excitement of life that lies ahead. =)

Happy Holidays! Jesus is the reason for the season! =)

*Side note, this post was inspired by Katie at My Life as a Wallace. Check out her blog to see her reflections of life since college. =)


Katie said...

Great to see what all you've accomplished? So, do you live in Charlottesville? If so, you should join us for our Central VA blogger meet up! Check out!

Brittney said...

Hey there! Could you send me your email address? Would love for you to join us!