Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

Hello everyone! I'm back! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We have been so blessed this Christmas I can't even describe it! Here is a quick recap of our WONDERFUL Christmas!

Hubs and I on Christmas Eve

My mom and dad got me an Ipod Touch!!!

They got hubs one too! He was so excited.

Dad! Love him! =)

Hubs got me a lot of awesome gifts! This awesome purple Nine West purse and wallet is one of the many wonderful things I received!
We spent lots of time with family this Christmas. We made our rounds and ate way too much but it was wonderful. With all of the amazing gifts and celebrations it's easy to forget the real reason behind Christmas. I'm so thankful that God gave us the most amazing gift of all! Christ, Our King! What a wonderful time of year.

And of course to top it all off, we had a white Christmas (the Friday/Saturday before Christmas we received 2+ feet of snow!)

Piper looks like she's swimming!

Piper was decorated with snowballs after she played. Golden retrievers have crazy fur! She even had snowballs on her long paw fur! =)

Lets play!

Now on to 2010. The year of excitment, new experiences, and visiting new places! Here is a sneak peak at what 2010 holds for us (we hope!).

A trip to New York City! (not the most flattering picture of me but Mason joined in accidentally and he's too cute not to post!)

Buying a home! Possibly this one (where we live now!).

An entire summer off from work (both of us)!
Complete with a trip to the beach!

We also hope to get a gym membership this year. I'm really looking forward to all that this year holds. On top of all of this excitement, I get this entire week off from work! Definitely counting my blessings! Happy 2010 to come!


Melissa said...

Oh my, that is a TON of snow!! Looks pretty though!

Brittany Ann said...

Glad you loved your Christmas! You deserved a great one!

Rachel said...

I can't believe how much snow y'all had! We got none in Norfolk. Such a bummer! Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Betty said...

I just found your blog by accident and i just love it. Your puppy is so cute!
I 'm following you!
Have a very Happy New Year!
All the best!

mart and lu said...

oh gosh i love your dogs. they are completely adorable. i hope you had a lovely christmas and happy new year!