Monday, November 16, 2009

You Didn't See This Post

Ok. I probably shouldn't post this. After all, I don't usually haven't ever, stuck to a workout routine. I love to be active. I love to hike, give me a mountain or a hiking trail and I'll climb to the top of it. Here's proof.

But that isn't something I do daily, or even weekly. I absolutely love it. I love taking my retrievers (both chocolate and golden) and hubs along. It's fun. The rush that you get at the top of the mountain or the end of a hiking trail. The views and the sense of satisfaction. Working out doesn't usually produce those same feelings for me. Running definitely doesn't give me any sense of satisfaction. It does however, leave me with a sense of pain, failure, and misery. Ahhhh. Now there's three wonderful reasons to work out. Where am I going with this? Enter Couch to 5K. The first run I've ever had that I came back feeling proud of myself for. The first run where I came into the house with a sense of accomplishment and the words "that wasn't so bad" rolled off of my tongue. Yes, clearly hubs was surprised. Granted I've only done W1D1 of this plan but I do plan to continue with W1D2 tomorrow. Will I stick to it? Yes. No. Maybe. I dunno. I am hoping that I do because I have always wanted to be that girl. You know who I'm talking about. The girl who runs her stress out instead of eating a full bag of potato chips. The girl that can sign up for a 5K like it's nothing. The girl that can run more than one minute without.gasping.for.breath. You know, that girl. So honestly I don't know if I can ever be that girl, and even hubs has his doubts about me sticking to this plan because in his words "you have started a lot of plans that don't make it beyond Day 1". Thanks hubs. Really. Thanks a lot. So I'm on a mission to prove him and myself (because I don't completely believe that I can stick to it), wrong. Running advice from any of those girls? Encouragement welcome!


Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Starting is the hardest part, so you are well on your way. I am no longer one of "those girls," but for some insane reason I ran cross country in high school. I really think baby steps are what helps, and the couch to 5K thing seems to do that well. I am rooting for you! You will be one of "those girls" in no time!

krislyn. said...

You have the first step down .. Trust me after you get through the first .. Week .. You'll have the routine down in no time. It just takes baby steps .. And you go girl, prove to your hubby but most importantly to yourself that you CAN do this!