Sunday, November 15, 2009

Counting down!

7 more days of teaching and I get a 5 day weekend! Yippee! I love my job but I am ready for a break. This weekend has been fun so far. Yesterday mom and I went to a dinner that dad was supposed to go to (but he got called into work). We weren't really expecting to have fun but we actually really enjoyed ourselves. We saw lots of old friends and met a few new people. Hubs and I went over to a friends house after I got back from the dinner. Two more of our friends were there with their beautiful 9 week old little girl. Needless to say, cooing over the baby for the rest of the night was fun! Hubs and I alternated holding the baby while he tried to convince me that it's time for us to have one. =) I can't wait to have a baby but it's not quite time yet. I'm still in my first year teaching and want to wait a little bit longer. When we got back home we started to watch The Proposal (which I hear is hysterical) but we were so tired that we decided we'd have to finish it sometime today! On the downside of the weekend, Mason, our chocolate lab, has been acting really weird. He acts like his hip is hurting him and has been pacing a lot. Hopefully it's just a pulled muscle from running after tennis balls yesterday.

Well I'm off to church! Have a blessed day! =)

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Rachel said...

I live for my holidays in teaching! It's a great job, but you need to have those breaks.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)