Thursday, September 17, 2009

Managing Time and Money

I have been absent from the blogging world for way too long! It's been over a week since my last post. Lets see if I can recall what all has been going on in my life for the past week. We went to the beach for hubs' softball tournament. They did pretty well but they lost out on Saturday night. We didn't get down to the beach until 10 p.m. on Friday, Saturday we were at the ball field all day, and after getting dinner we didn't leave the restaurant until after 10 p.m. or so.... Needless to say, I only took a few walks on the beach and didn't get to do much else! Oh well, it was still nice to hear, feel, and smell the ocean!

This week has been super busy at work. My second graders definitely keep me on my toes. I went to a writing conference today and will be there tomorrow too so I had to plan for a sub. It's definitely more work to be absent than it is to just go to work! The conference has been REALLY good though so I'm glad I get the break from the kids and I am learning a lot! Lately I've realized that my job has been taking priority over my marriage. It's not as terrible as it sounds, but it's definitely hard to be a new teacher with 18 seven year olds to plan for all day everyday. And when you have to teach Power Up, Math, Grammar, Word Study, Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Reading its definitely a LOT of work. I've been staying at work late, bringing papers home to grade, and basically worrying over lesson plans. I'm getting into a comfort zone with teaching though. It is a lot harder than most people think, especially starting out.... but once you get going things fall into a good routine. Unfortunately hubs and I haven't gotten to spend a lot of quality time together lately with my job and his softball team. Hopefully things will start to slow down for us and we can relax together a little more. There are so many things in life to worry about. Jobs, buying a house, when to have children, managing finances, making sure there is enough quality time with spouse, friends, family, etc. All of those things are important and every now and then you have to take a step back and see if your time/money is being used/spent wisely. After assessing where your time and money goes you can change the direction of things if needed.

Whew. Well I think that's enough for now but I definitely have more to talk about so hopefully I'll be posting another blog soon! Including my list of 101 things in 1001 days!

Some lyrics for your reading pleasure....
"I'm in a hurry to get things done. I rush and rush until life's no fun. All I've really got to do is live and die, but I'm in a hurry and don't know why." -Alabama


Heather said...

Girl, I totally understand!!!! Teaching is SOO much harder/draining than anyone realizes. Hang in there. It does get easier!!!

*L* said...

Wow, sounds busy! I just started my teaching classes and I definitely am realizing it is a lot of work! Hope things calm down for you soon!

Kristen said...

welcome back! Life is so hectic, especially in the fall :)