Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall everyone! I know I'm a day late on telling you all that but I didn't have time to blog yesterday due to my insanely busy schedule. I am happy that Fall has finally arrived, I just wish summer weather would disappear. Hubs and I have had the AC turned off and the curtains blowing in the breeze for a week now. Amazing.... until today that is. 82 degrees. Really? Blah. I love beautiful warm days but not now that I've broken out my fall clothes. Give me upper 60's and we'll be in business!

Today I had my first formal observation. As a new teacher I will be observed by the principal three times this year. This was round one! It went really well. I was happy with my lesson and she was too. We will meet sometime next week to discuss it in detail but she left a nice note on my desk and said she liked what she saw! Yay. =)

Well I know it's been a short post but I'm gonna go relax on the couch and wait for hubs to get home! Have a great week!


Melissa said...

Congrats on a great first observation!

Brittany Ann said...

One evaluation down! Nice job! The first one is always the hardest!

*L* said...

Congrats on the observation!