Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Funk

Well I have survived the first 3 weeks of teaching second grade, I did not however outsmart the germs. I've got the funk. I'm suffering from a head cold... you know the one where stuff is draining down your throat, you breathe out of your mouth, and your face (where your sinuses are located) hurts if you touch it. Yuck. I talked to my mom yesterday and she said "Oh you always got a cold the second or third week of school, every year!" Well thanks for the warning in advance mom. Apparently some things never change because here I am sick again. Not to mention the flu has been going around our district. I will be carrying around a bottle of Purell for the rest of the year.

This weekend has been uneventful so far. I managed to clean the kitchen yesterday (exciting I know). Most of the day was spent laying on the couch eating popsicles in hopes that they would help my throat. In addition to the 4 popsicles, I took myself to Dairy Queen and got a Heath Blizzard (again claiming sick status, I needed it for my throat!). Moving on............

I didn't make it to church this morning but I am however going to be reading scripture and writing in my prayer journal. I have this little journal that I write scripture, prayer requests, and general faith based thoughts in. It helps remind me to pray and read my Bible. As busy as life has been for me lately, I haven't been very good at keeping up with it. So I hope to get myself back on track and set aside a daily time to do it. Lately God has been calling me to serve other more. I'm not sure in which way yet. I'm still waiting for that answer. Right now I'm contemplating on starting by becoming an advocate and supporting a walk for the American Heart Association. During college my sorority's philanthropy was breast cancer awareness and education. I was the service chair at one point and helped to organize a Relay For Life on campus and helped to organize our chapter's role in Race for the Cure in VA Beach (I went to CNU, a school about 45 minutes away from VA Beach). I haven't been involved in any causes since then and I lately I have felt that God has called me to serve and take part in another cause. The American Heart Association sponsors a walk in our area called, Start! Heart Walk. It promotes walking because it's really good for your heart and a lot of people can't/don't like to run. Why this cause you ask? Well when I was 10 my dad had a mild heart attack. I still remember the day my mom took him to the hospital. I was playing at my neighbors house and I remember being called back to the house. I was scared. My three sisters and I just sat around the living room all night waiting for mom's calls every hour or so. He was in the hospital for a few days. He was released on Christmas Day. I remember because we didn't open our presents on Christmas morning. We waited until after we had Christmas dinner at my grandma's house and opened them when we got home that night so he wouldn't miss it.  Then this summer my dad started feeling short of breath and made an appointment to have his heart checked again. We all went with him to UVA and he had to have 3 stents put in his heart. Thankfully the procedure went smoothly. His little hospital room must have been a sight to see with 4 daughters and a wife crammed in there before the procedure. In addition to my dad's heart problems, my grandfather (who passed away when I was 10) had many heart problems as well. I think my parents told me that he even had to have triple bypass surgery. So I've been thinking about this a lot lately and have decided that I need to not only become more active in my physical fitness, but also sign up to support a cause that is working to provide funding for research and advocate a heart healthy lifestyle. Whew. That's a lot more than I expected to write about. Hope I didn't bore you!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Melissa said...

Sorry you feel bad!

Brittany Ann said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Same thing happened to me this past week! Every year!

Oh, and I have a prayer journal too!