Monday, September 21, 2009

Football Fans?

Alright, football season is here. Hubs could not be more excited. He has been chained to the TV on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights. He loves college and professional football. He has been urging me to pick a team and join him in yelling at the TV three days a week. Pick a team? How am I supposed to do that? I didn't go to a football college. We had a team but we were a smaller school so it was nothing like the other schools in our state (UVA, VA Tech). I supposed I could become a UVA fan... I did work at Dear Old UVA for two years after I graduated from CNU. Eh. I love the people I worked with there but the atmosphere of the school itself never knocked my socks off. The campus is beautiful but the football team isn't very good (no offense) and I just never got into the whole Wahoo scene. Okay, so that leaves VA Tech. Eh. I don't really have any strong ties to VT. I mean it's a good school but I don't feel compelled to yell at the TV for them. Soooooooo how to choose? Can you just start liking a team? What do you think? As for pro football, I'll be cheering for the Redskins. I have always liked the Redskins because they are the closest pro team to VA.

So what do you think? Who do you cheer for? Should I join the madness?

I'm leaning towards cheering for the University of Tennessee. Why? Something about the South and the atmosphere. Hubs and I love to visit TN (the state, not the school) and have a lot of fond memories from our trips there.... Is that a stupid reason to be a Volunteer fan? Maybe. Thoughts?

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Heather said...

Not a stupid reason at all. I go for Univ. of South Alabama and Auburn, and of course for whatever game we're watching I'll always try to pick one if its not USA or Auburn. Of course professional I love the Redskins!