Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

This week has been crazy! I've had meeting on top of meeting and have been working long hours in my classroom trying to get it ready for tomorrow's open house. My room looks pretty good right now but as far as planning goes I feel very behind. Hopefully my team will pitch in to catch me up! Going back to work after having two weeks off is very exhausting. I have come home and fallen directly on the couch and stayed there until I crawled up to our bed. Today I feel a little better than I did yesterday and Monday... I was exhausted both of those days. I've been working later than required... 8:30-3:30 are our work day hours... mine look more like 8-5 or 6 something... I know, I know, that's what most people work... or at least 9-5 but I will just say that it's exhausting moving desks, hauling books from place to place, hanging stuff, taping stuff, labeling stuff, unpacking stuff... you get the picture. This morning before I left hubs was like "see ya at 6:30 or whenever you decide to leave school." He better get used to it because this year is going to be busy for me. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated! School starts on Tuesday. I can't wait to meet my 19 second graders! :)

On another note, good friends of ours are visiting this weekend and they will be here on Friday! So excited to see them and spend time with them! :)


Kristen said...

have fun this weekend and don't get too exhausted!!

Katie said...

oh hey :) another fellow teacher! I just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading it. Hope you stop by mine sometime!