Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thoughts on Summer

Last night we spent the afternoon/night on the lake (featured in the picture from my previous post) cat fishing! Hubs, his grandpa, and I all went out to the lake to relax and fish. Since you do this kind of fishing at night we didn't end up leaving the lake until almost two a.m.! Hubs and I finally got home around 4 this morning and went directly to sleep... we slept until about 10:30 but both woke up with headaches from lack of sleep. Ibuprofen, coffee, bacon, and zucchini bread cured my headache! :)

I will be cleaning all day today... I hate to come home to a messy house after vacation so I am trying to get everything taken care of today because we leave bright and early for the beach in the morning! Finally! So bring on the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and car cleaning!

In other news, I have finished teaching summer school! Yay! My kindergartners are officially first graders now. It's been an interesting four weeks. I enjoyed it but I'm glad it's over. I need a few days to sleep, relax, and get my life organized before I start teaching this fall. I'm so excited to finally have my own classroom and second grade is going to be so much fun!

To change the subject yet again, I want to discuss my mixed emotions regarding summer. Now that I am a teacher I love being off in the summer and will look forward to it every year, but I'm not a summer person. My parents have a pool but swimming isn't my favorite thing (too much work afterwards, shower, the redo of hair and make up, etc). I'm fair skinned so I don't spend hours baking in the sun, and the bugs are so gross in the summer. I get a thousand bug bites every time I take the dogs out to play. Not to mention the gross tick I found in my head after a cookout a few weeks ago. I live in the mountains so I am ready for the leaves to turn colors and hiking weather to kick in. I love the atmosphere in the fall, the smell of hot chocolate (or coffee in my case), pumpkin patches, scarves and sweaters, trout fishing, leaves falling... ahhh. Bliss. Bring on fall.... well, uh, bring on fall AFTER my beach trip! :)


Brittany Ann said...

Agreed! This is exactly how I feel!

Kristen said...

I love fall & spring, I think those are my two favorite seasons! Actually they are definitely my two favorite seasons. The summer is too hot!