Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meet our children

Meet Mason... Chocolate Lab. Full of energy. Thinks he is a puppy. Spoiled rotten. Stomach of steel. Was the world's worst puppy. Smartest dog alive. Occasionally thinks that he is a lap dog. Loves to hike and swim. Avid tennis ball chaser.

Meet Piper.... Golden Retriever mix. Sweetest, snugly 8 month old puppy there ever was. Very laid-back. Also spoiled rotten. Can do no wrong in my eyes. Loves to chew on sticks/wood. Loves to chase the cat below.

Meet Fitch.... our very first pet as a couple. Spoiled rotten (by me mostly, hubs isn't a cat person). Hates the large, playful dogs above. Has been known to hiss and claw at the dogs above. Loves to nap in the corner of our walk-in closet and occasionally tries to escape from the house.

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